Riverside congressman introduces 4-day work week bill: ‘What I’m really aiming for is a new norm’

Mark Takano

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — The pandemic has changed the way many of us work, and now a Riverside congressman has proposed legislation that would create a four-day work week — and with it a new normal.

The bill introduced by Rep. Mark Takano would reduce the 40-hour week to 32 hours.

The 100-member congressional progressive caucus is supporting Takano’s bill, saying it would improve work-life balance.

The new legislation would not eliminate the 40-hour work week completely but would instead require employers to pay overtime after 32 hours.

“What I’m really aiming for is a new norm, where people actually have a livable wage with fewer days of the week that they have to use to earn it,” said Takano.

Some countries have already adopted the four-day week. Japan and Iceland have seen success with the schedule, while Spain and Scotland have vowed to try it.

Several American companies are already using the four-day work week and say it has resulted in increased productivity. But opponents say it could destabilize the U.S. economy, putting pressure on businesses.

Takano’s proposed legislation is still awaiting a vote.


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